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Four steps for your TAILOR-MADE

Step n ° 1

I Make an appointment with one of our specialist advisers.

Sur mesure mode masculine Excelsior Lausanne

Step n ° 2

It all starts with establishing the size that fits you perfectly.

One of our experienced advisor from our team takes all the measurements so that the final garment is cut to your wishes.

Step n ° 3

With the advice and expertise of your advisor, you select the fabric, cut and style of your clothing. Every detail, from the choice of buttons to the color of the lining, depends on your wishes. You can request that your name or an important date be embroidered in the colors of your choice.

Step n ° 4

The production time is normally 4-5 weeks. As soon as the garment is available in store, your advisor will contact you and our in-house workshop will carry out, if necessary, the last customizations so that your product is truly unique.

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